Humbug Witch

Ever since I found the book, Humbug Witch, I have used it every Halloween.
It is my favorite Halloween story and my students through the years have
loved it as well.

The store has a surprise ending which makes it all the more fun.
The story is about a witch who is very well described from head to toe. She
is not the  "truly a frightening-looking, horrible, witchey witch..." that is
described in a humorous way in the book and therefor perfect for young
children.She and her cat, named Fred,  try to perform a variety of magic tricks
only to constantly and frustratingly fail. When she finally gives up, we learn
why her magic tricks failed so many times.

This packet contains the essential parts of the story- the witch and her
garb and, of course Fred, her cat. The pieces can be printed on magnetic
paper and used on a cookie sheet or printed on pellon for using on a
flannel board.

One of the fun activities I have done is to have someone dress like
Humbug Witch and act out the book while it is told. But, using the
characters produced here is the easy way to tell the story.

Please click below to easily purchase the book.

Challenge Charts for Reading Comprehension

I have been concerned with students not remembering what they have read, so I created some charts, Challenge Charts, which can hang in a classroom or be placed in a notebook. The charts will serve as reminders for readers to become more involved with the text. The illustrations highlight bees in the way the connections students should make with the text.

            The charts include:
o   Visualize
o   Question
o   Predict
o   Connect
o   Summarize
            I hope you enjoy them and more importantly, that they help your students.

They are priced reasonably at $5.99. Please email me for a copy. You will be able to download immediately.
My email address is

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